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The easy way
to educate

The online teaching platform planned and

designed for teachers, educators and schools


2be Live is the solution for online teaching

A one-stop shop where interactivity and ease of use allow users to perform multiple tasks in one place.

Teach remotely

Our solution solves a number of real-world problems faced by schools, teachers and students every day. With 2BeLive, tutors, teachers and schools can now share their knowledge with students all around the world tin a platform designed for them and with their needs in mind.

Cost Reduce

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Build a stronger online presence, reduce costs, allow students to learn at their own pace, providing 24/7 accessibility from anywhere in the world.


All in one place

Provide a more interactive teaching experience with video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard tools and more. Teach privately or in groups.

With 2be Live, you can teach online classes individually or to a class, even splitting your students into groups. Replicate the classroom experience.



2be Live comes with a complete package of resources especially designed from scratch for online teaching, not just adapted for it.

Easy access to tools, optimized content management and smart scheduling facilitate the creation of your unique teaching path. From laser pointer to warnings when the student is multi-tasking, and potentially not paying attention. You can prepare and save your educational material all in one place, and with a click load all your material for the given class.


Online collaborative board

Provide a more interactive teaching experience with video conferencing, screen sharing and interactive whiteboard tools over your own library of documents, video and audio.


Manage and monitor your platform

Manage and monitor your platform with real-time analysis. See how much you are earning and how much you are helping to make a difference in your students’ lives.


A platform with your identity

2be Live is a customizable platform. Easily insert your logo and your brand identity. Leave your mark on any mobile device, cell phone or desktop.

We are different

2be Live is an online communication platform, born and raised to help you teach anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. Teaching is at the core of our DNA.

2be Live is designed to help you grow in a sustainable manner and at your own pace. It is easily adaptable to any structure, be it for private classes or large educational institutions.

Live classes

Multiple users

Collaborative whiteboard

Augmented reality (AR)

Smart scheduling

Video, text and audio

Automated split payment

Modular platform

Big data mining

Robust and stable

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