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Prices & Plans

The online teaching platform that best suits your business needs.

No matter the size of your business, 2be Live is an online teaching platform created and designed to serve educational needs and wants as a whole, from private teachers and tutors or schools up to large educational institutions.

Check out our plans and start your own teaching online environment with 2be Live as of today.

If you can’t find a package that fits your needs, or have any questions, contact our online education specialists team.

* Number of class hours = students in class x class hours. (Ex .: 3 students in class x 1 hour = 3 hours / class)

** English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

Increase your productivity and organize your routine on the online education with the features that only 2be Live has to offer you.

Gain total control of your online classroom, with features designed to facilitate your online classroom management and organization. Enhancing your live session interaction and engagement with your students could never get easier as at 2be Live.

Check out some of our features that will enable your online teaching routine, as everything you need is all at one place!

Aulas ao vivo

Live classes

Provide a more interactive teaching experience with video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard tools and more. Teach privately or in groups.

Realidade Aumentada

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Augmented Reality tool helps teachers make the lesson more fun and dynamic, taking students’ engagement to new levels.


Automated payment

Invoice students and receive payments directly through the platform, saving time and hassle. With the ability to split into different wallets, automatically pay for licensed materials or any other other expenses.

Multiplos Usuarios

Multiple users

Possibility of streaming for thousands of users and setting up rooms with up to 12 students simultaneously per session, in addition to the possibility of dividing the room into groups for carrying out activities.


Smart agenda

The smart scheduling calendar automatically adapts to your student’s time zone. Now you can teach your skills around the globe and around the clock..


Modular platform

With an independent software design and an open architecture, 2BeLive allows differentiation through a highly configurable and modular offering to adapt to your own needs.


Collaborative whiteboard

Our interactive and collaborative whiteboard simulates a real whiteboard, allowing everyone to collaborate simultaneously in real time, eliminating the need to transition from teacher to student and back.

Audio Video

Video, text and audio

More interactive teaching experience with video conferencing, live screen and file sharing and more. Upload your library and literally have all your teaching resources at your fingertips.


Big data mining

Manage your school, teachers, students, class schedule and payments quickly and intelligently. Collect data and analyse trends to control quality, evaluate student, class and year progress, assess overall efficiency and identify areas to improve.


Plans & Packages

What happens if I exceed my plan limit?

In case you exceed the limits of your plan, we will send you a notification informing you that your limit has been exceeded and you will have two options: either to upgrade your current plan, or, to get additional set of packages such as extra hours, plus storage or add more students.

Can I upgrade my plan?

For sure! You can upgrade your plan at any time without any penalty.

Is there an annual package plan?

Yes, in addition to the monthly existing plans, you also have the option of an annual teaching plan. Contact our educational specialist team, to assist you on your annual package plan, just click here.


What payment methods are accepted?

We currently have the option of paying by credit card only. But rest assured, we are currently working to include payments by debit card and bank slip.

Which currencies are accepted?

All prices are set in United States Dollar US$, and we do accept Brazilian Real (R$). Check the values ​​by clicking selecting the currency.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! We not only offer you a free trial but also, offer a totally free of charge plan that allows you to teach 5 hours for free. Benefit from that and get started as of today! 


What is Online support?

We have a support webpage that you can easily access for questions you may have on how to get started with your online classes! From registering to uploading your class material and leveraging your classroom interaction! Our pdf and videos will assist you at any time, ensuring your platform autonomy. In case you can’t find your answer, just contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

Is it possible to integrate with third party applications?

For now, 2be Live cannot be integrated with other systems but do not be discouraged, we are working to make this possible pretty soon!

How does the demo work?

If you have a higher demand than the free plan and need to test the platform with all the features, you can request a demon from our commercial team, clicking here.

You will have a 30 days trial with all the features at no cost.