The platform with

everything you need,

all in one place

Designed and developed for tutors, teachers,

schools, and their students.


Interactivity and ease of use allow users to perform multiple tasks, all in one place.

Aulas ao vivo

Live classes

Provide a more interactive teaching experience with video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard tools and more. Teach privately or in groups.

Realidade Aumentada

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Augmented Reality tool helps teachers make the lesson more fun and dynamic, taking students’ engagement to new levels.


Automated payment

Invoice students and receive payments directly through the platform, saving time and hassle. With the ability to split into different wallets, automatically pay for licensed materials or any other expenses.

Multiplos Usuarios

Multiple users

Possibility of streaming for thousands of users and setting up rooms with up to 8 students simultaneously per session, in addition to the possibility of dividing the room into groups for carrying out activities.


Smart agenda

The smart scheduling calendar automatically adapts to your student’s time zone. Now you can teach your skills around the globe and around the clock..


Modular platform

With an independent software design and an open architecture, 2be Live allows differentiation through a highly configurable and modular offering to adapt to your own needs.


Collaborative whiteboard

Our interactive and collaborative whiteboard simulates a real whiteboard, allowing everyone to collaborate simultaneously in real time, eliminating the need to transition from teacher to student and back.

Audio Video

Video, text and audio

More interactive teaching experience with video conferencing, live screen and file sharing and more. Upload your library and literally have all your teaching resources at your fingertips.


Big data mining

Manage your school, teachers, students, class schedule and payments quickly and intelligently. Collect data and analyse trends to control quality, evaluate student, class and year progress, assess overall efficiency and identify areas to improve.