Quality online education should be easy to deliver.

We are the only all-in-one, online educational platform for uninterrupted distance learning. Educate, inspire and engage your global community as it grows.


To educate the world through access, engagement and community

The Barriers Educators Face:

Limited bandwidth

Limited bandwidth for network connections impede the ability to deliver quality and efficient online education all over the world


Toggling between applications is inefficient in both the instructional and operational fields.

Information Overload

The more applications you need, the steeper the learning curve. Same time and resources with one, central platform

High Costs

Memberships to several platforms can quickly become a costly endeavor. Believing in equitable access means one fee for all the features.

How 2BeLive Overcomes Them

2BLive is a unified solution that is optimized to deliver the whole online experience while reducing the cost and resources needed to manage a program.


We deliver the highest quality solutions, no matter the bandwidth.

When Your Bandwidth Slows to Crawl


No more purchasing applications individually to keep up with the growing needs of your institution or organization.

We’ve taken the confusion, distance, and extra costs out of learning.

With 2Belive there’s equitable access for all - all in one place.

Live and Recorded Videos

Multimedia Whiteboard

Live and Recorded Videos

Comprehension Check

Learning Pods

Lesson Templates

Session Reports

Dual-Screen Share

Interactive Fun


We grow with you. As your needs expand, our high-quality features are there to meet them.

From 1 to 1 or 1 to a million. We’ve got it covered.

Whether you’re in an educational or corporate setting, 2BeLive’s unique feature set is adaptable for all instructional and operational needs.

Use Cases

2BeLive is the Educators Solution in Schools and Companies.