A complete live and on-demand video platform for your virtual training and online classes

2BeLive is a ‘live video’ virtual education platform created to help you teach, interact and engage with one another online. 


Simple to set up, easy to use, go live in minutes.


We are NOT your Standard Video Conferencing Tool

2BeLive was developed exclusively as a live streaming video platform focused on solving the frustrations faced by educators and learners while using generic video meeting solutions for virtual or remote instruction.



We offer professional-grade video and audio quality combined with interactive teaching tools to enhance user engagement and deliver measurable learning outcomes.

Why Customers Choose 2BeLive


Simple to Use Yet Powerful Tool

Online class and training sessions are now more engaging and fun when using the tools designed specifically to help you connect remotely with your participants.  

2BeLive is easy to use for young and adult users.   See the list of capabilities we have below.

Virtual, Hybrid and Blended Models

2BeLive has the flexibility to support your virtual, hybrid and blended learning models.  Our live video streaming platform also comes with content hosting included so you can quickly present and share learning resources with ease.


Just log in and begin to teach and learn from anywhere.  It is that simple!


Capture Data and Gain Insights

Analyze your attendance, assessment and engagement data to gain insights into improving the delivery of your online educational programs.  


No more guessing why learners are not showing up or have become disengaged.

Hear What Some Customers Say

Listen to how users feel about 2BeLive

Discover The New App

Look and Brand that Tells your Story

Unlike generic solutions, we have quick and easy-to-use tools to design and customize your platform to promote your programs and services.

Integrated Paywall and Marketplace

Charge and collect payments directly without doing extra work.  Earning money from your instructional content or live instruction are now easier with 2BeLive.

Our paywall is powered by Stripe which means most major credit cards are accepted worldwide. 

Check out two examples of 2BeLive customers using the Marketplace to monetize and earn revenue.

Bluewater HR Consulting

Pinnacle Academy 

Powerful Features to Upgrade the Virtual Experience

Live and Recorded Videos

Engage learning using video

Multimedia Whiteboard

Collaborate easily with 2-way interactions


Real-time Attendance

Automatic attendance tracking with zero work

Comprehension Check

Q&A, and quizzes to measure outcomes

Learning Pods

Monitor and observe breakout groups


Lesson Templates

Save time by reusing your lessons

Session Reports

Engagement data at your fingertips

Dual-Screen Share

Present and see more information

Interactive Fun

AR masks, emojis and animations

And much more...

We take care of the technology so you can focus on people.

We love to speak with you so drop us a note and let’s set up a meeting on 2BeLive!